A great headline in the Australian!

After two weeks of presidential-style campaigning – in which the Prime Minister’s personal support has continued to plummet and the Opposition Leader’s has steadily risen – Mr Rudd is in a worse position than when he was removed as Labor leader in June 2010.

The latest Newspoll survey, conducted exclusively for The Australian on the weekend, finds Mr Abbott in his best position ever against Mr Rudd.

Labor’s primary vote, at 34 per cent, is now at its lowest level since Mr Rudd removed Julia Gillard as prime minister and the Coalition’s primary vote of 47 per cent is at its highest during the same time.

Primary support for the Greens dropped from 11 per cent to 9 per cent as Mr Abbott spent much of last week campaigning against minority government, ruling out doing a deal with the Greens and challenging Mr Rudd to follow.

On a two-party-preferred basis, based on preference flows at the 2010 election, Labor’s support has dropped two percentage points, to 46 per cent, and the Coalition’s support has risen to 54 per cent.

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